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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Coolpix A - More thoughts

After a three months with the Coolpix A, I actually really quite like it.  It still falls into the category of brilliant or terrible (probably just like me...), but I am really just appreciating quality in my pocket, which it achieves handsomely.  For this reason it is actually getting quite a lot of use, and it is certainly a lot more compact than my NEX 5n with any lens attached.

Low light ability is still poor compared to what I was hoping, however good light results have centainly exceeded what I was expecting too.  As I purchased it with a few scratches, I don't baby it and the tough metal body means I have less to worry about if it gets dropped. 

Compared to the Fuji X-100, in general it is sharper in good light, but falls behind in low light, and the fill in flash doesn't even compare.  But again, an X-100 isn't pocketable.

Its on trips like our little venture to Amsterdam Brewery that this camera shines.  I just kept it in my pocket and pulled it out as a photo opportunity came by, with great results.

All in all, a good purchase

Amsterdam Brewery - Nikon Coolpix A

Amsterdam Brewery - Nikon Coolpix A

Amsterdam Brewery - Nikon Coolpix A

Amsterdam Brewery - Nikon Coolpix A

Amsterdam Brewery - Nikon Coolpix A

Monday, 17 February 2014

Sony 16-50mm lens - just a plastic fantastic

My father in law purchased a Sony NEX 3n that I wrote about some time back, and it comes with the very light and compact Sony 16-50mm lens, a very useful lens for the NEX range.  However light and compact does not mean durable, and a drop on to carpet put the lens out of commission.  I lent my father in law my Sigma 30mm prime and its now awaiting a quote from the repair technician.  However being so light and plastic, I don't have high hopes, so the question becomes what if it can't be fixed relatively cheaply?  There are a few options:

1) Purchase a new lens.  an expensive option as they go for about $330 + tax
2) Purchase a used lens.  Not a bad option, as they go for about $200.
3) Purchase another NEX3n.  Again not a bad option as Henry's Outlet Centre is selling them for $315 + tax (still more than my father in law paid for it).  If you sell one of the bodies, which you should get $200-240 for, this is probably the best option, as the total replacement outlay will be just over $100.  Obviously this takes a bit of effort.
4) Get another E mount lens.  Again worth looking at, but I know my father in law will miss the convenience and compactness of the 16-50mm.  He could look at a 18-55mm which should be available used for under $100, or one of the Sigma primes (19mm or 30mm) are also a good deal at about $130.

Nikon Coolpix A